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If you are looking to improve your golf, then The Golf Gauger is the ultimate aid for you. Golf Gauger is a portable, target flag with a robust locking device that allows it to be reduced in size, making it ideal to be carried or to fit in your golf bag.

    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Durable

The Golf Gauger will improve your golf, it can be used as your own portable driving range, whether it is used in your garden, a park, a course practice section or any grassy area.

The sturdy rust proof flag pole sticks easily into the ground. It can be hammered into firmer ground if necessary. It weighs a mere 1lb 3oz. The flag pole comes in either red or blue decals and carries the company's UK Trade Mark, an intertwined GG and the words Golf Gauger.

There is a choice of flag colours, red, white, yellow, blue and in addition, the Saltire. The Self Coloured flags are 10" x 16" and the Saltire is 12" x 17".


Something to Aim for...

Whether you are an experienced Golfer or just getting started, suffering from a hook or slice, wanting to practice your approach game or your long irons, the Golf Gauger is an ideal piece of equipment to have in your bag. It is the definitive tool in helping you take strokes off of your scorecard and reduce your handicap as your play around the greens goes to new levels of accuracy.

Pitching or driving, The Golf Gauger will always give you something to aim for!! Order yours now by visiting our online shop.


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